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Spine Deformity

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At the USC Spine Center, we offer advanced diagnostic testing and treatment plan design for patients experiencing high acuity conditions such as spine deformities. The spine center team has expertise in minimally invasive surgery and the most advanced techniques for even the most rare deformities. Our team of specialists will collaborate to determine the best approach of care for every patient.

Spinal deformity is a condition with abnormal alignment of the spine. Examples include scoliosis, an S- or C-shaped spinal deformity, and kyphosis, a condition of increased forward spinal angulation. Additional alignment related conditions might include spondylolysis, a spine fracture or defect that occurs in the region of the pars interarticularis, and spondolisthesis, forward slippage of one spine bone on another.

Patients with severe spinal deformity can have chronic pain, functional disability and overall poor quality of life. Normal alignment of the spine allows us to stand and walk efficiently without overexpenditure of energy. Efficiency is achieved by posturing our heads over the shoulder, our shoulders over the pelvis and the pelvis over our knees and feet. This posture allows transmission of gravitational forces on our body to the axial skeleton and muscles and it minimizes the amount of energy we spend standing and walking. Patients with spinal deformity cannot achieve or maintain this optimal spinal alignment. As a result, they experience pain, fatigue and functional disability.

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