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The Keck Effect: More Walks Around The Rose Bowl

Ruthie Evans is the kind of energetic senior who loves to stay active. Part of her routine is walking three and a half miles around the Rose Bowl three times a week. But things began to change when she started to experience excruciating pain in her neck. When Ruthie would ...  
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The Keck Effect: More Tractor Time

Bruce Smith refuses to let the obstacles slow him down. When the former landscaper was in early 20s, which is nearly 40 years ago now, he experienced major neck injury that required him to undergo his first spinal surgery. Bruce was riding his horse during a team roping competition and ...  
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The Keck Effect: No More Pain

On any given day, you can typically find Shandie Ingrao in the garden tending to her flowers. She’s a loving mother with an active lifestyle and was a professional cake decorator for 20 years. But all this was completely stripped away from her after her fist surgery back in 1997. ...  
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An educator’s path to recovery

A potentially life-altering condition brings a LAUSD principal to seek the expertise of USC surgeon, Jeffrey Wang, MD. During the 17 years that Dr. Rex O. Patton served as principal in the LAUSD, he never used a single sick day. Throughout his tenure in education, he made great strides in his ...  
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In the Right Hands

Finding the right doctor is hard. When you are in excruciating pain, it is much harder. But research led Robin Denker, a Westlake Village kitchen designer and former food writer, to USC spine surgeons Patrick Hsieh, MD and John Liu, MD. “In between my fear, I chose to look at ...  
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Julie finally finds relief from years of back pain at the USC Spine Center

A visit to Jeffrey Wang, MD, sets Julie on the road to recovery. When Julie decided to move some of her furniture, the result was a little more than she had planned. She aggravated a back injury, herniating a disc, and began a years-long search for relief. A search that ...  
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